Round the World: North
Round the World: South

Round the World: North & South – 72h x 72w

Two designs with the same basic structure, but a variety of worked bars and embroidery stitches – and three different colour schemes for each!

Stitched separately, North and South are just the right size to be mounted in cards or coasters; or combine with East & West to create a table runner.

With the eight designs in Round the Year and Round the Clock, Round the World forms a comprehensive introduction to Hardanger, covering all the basic worked bars and fillings plus some more unusual ones, as well as a great variety of embroidery stitches; the Round Dozen set contains all twelve designs.

Special materials: Anchor metallic perle (optional), Dinky Dyes perle (optional).

We regret that Dinky Dyes have discontinued their overdyed perle cottons; we suggest choosing similar colours from other manufacturers like Threadworx or Weeks Dye Works, but please be aware that these will not be identical, and the finished project will look different from the stitched model.

See Round the World mounted in cards in the Gallery

Please note that our chart packs are digital and will be emailed to you in PDF format.


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