A few small designs – Hardanger, cross stitch and other techniques – to whet your appetite; download and enjoy!


Christmas Candle

Christmas Candle – 65h x 42w

Can be stitched on either light or dark fabric.


Minature Bauble 1

Miniature Bauble (I) and (II) – 52h x 52w

Not quite so quick to stitch up as the three stars below, but still small enough for those with several Christmas cards to produce

The choice of fabrics and thread is up to you, but Anchor metallic perle and other sparkly threads are an easy way of adding a festive touch.

In the stitched models, Bauble (I) uses coloured woven bars and three spider's webs to create the horizontal band, Bauble (II) uses double-sided Kloster blocks with five mace stitches – but either method will work with dove's eyes or square filets as well, so choose whichever combination you prefer. The surrounding circle is worked in whipped backstitch.

Each of the two Baubles comes with a second chart showing yet another variation.


Minature Bauble 2



Anchor – 44h x 44w

The anchor stands for Hope in the trio of Faith, Hope & Charity.


Star 1

Star (I) and (II) – 32h x 35w / 40h x 40w

Perfect for some quick last-minute Christmas cards, or for those with a very long Christmas list; or make into a card or ornament to let someone know they're a star!

The choice of fabrics and thread is up to you, but for a festive effect why not stitch them in Anchor metallic perle on red, green or black, or use your favourite variegated or hand-dyed thread.


Star 2


Star 3

No-cut Star – 28h x 28w

With no cutting at all, but adding a little sparkling Petite Treasure Braid, this can be stitched up in under an hour with odds and ends from your stash to make a quick card or ornament.


Cross stitch

Ginger Cat Freebie

Wooden pendant ginger cat design – 21h x 14w

This purry furry friend was designed for Rico Design's oval wooden pendant, but will also quite happily be stitched on fabric and made into a card or gift tag. Use light and dark grey to turn him into a tabby.


Tulip Freebie

Wooden pendant tulip design – 26h x 19w

Like the ginger cat above, this colourful tulip was designed for Rico Design's oval wooden pendant, but it will equally grace a set of napkins or a birthday card. Use three shades of a colour of your choice to change the tulip to your favourite red, purple, orange or yellow.


Flowers Freebie

Wooden pendant floral design – 24h x 18w

Although this design of two small flowers and leaves was stitched on Aida fabric, it will fit the same wooden pendant as the ginger cat and tulip above. Use the colours suggested, or change to whatever you or the recipient of the pendant/card/gift tag would like.


Silk Gauze Peacock Freebie

Silk gauze peacock design – 34h x 15w

When stitched on 40ct silk gauze, this design will fit a 1-inch oval locket or pendant.

A different finish (on black 22ct hardanger fabric) can be seen in the Gallery.


Mini Peacock Freebie

Mini peacock – 22h x 26w

A companion to the "oval" peacock above, this one would fit a small circular pendant.


Silk Gauze Flower Freebie

Silk gauze floral design – 35h x 24w

When stitched on 40ct silk gauze, this design will fit a 1-inch oval locket or pendant.


Miniature Sampler

Miniature Sampler – 34h x 25w

Stitch over one on 25ct fabric or finer and frame for your dolls' house, or use as a very quick card for weddings or anniversaries.


Age Is Just A Number

Age Is Just A Number – 96h x 133w

Have you got a Big Birthday coming up? Celebrate it by reminding people that you are not defined by the year on your birth certificate!

Cross stitch and French knots; charted for stranded cotton, perle cotton and satin thread.




Robin – 5cm x 6cm

Inspired by a 1920s starch advert, this little fellow can be worked in stem stitch or any other outline stitch, or you can colour him in with long & short stitch.

The model is stitched on ivory Normandie fabric using Rainbow Gallery Splendor silks

See Robin mounted in a satin miniature box in the Gallery


A jewelled cross

Jewelled cross – 40h x 32w

Backstitch and star stitch in Petite Treasure Braid make up a simple-to-stitch but opulent looking cross.

The model is stitched on 22ct Hardanger fabric.


Blackwork snowflake

Blackwork snowflake – 46h x 46w

Stitch in sparkly metallics for easy last-minute Christmas cards. (Please note that in this chart the squares are the holes in your fabric, and the lines are the threads.)


Ribbon Sampler

Ribbonwork butterfly & flowers – 8.5cm

Great for a quick but attractive birthday or anniversary card.


Christmas Tree Magnet

Christmas Tree Magnet – 30h x 20w

Beads and metallic thread give sparkle to this tree which consists mostly of Rhodes stitches. Stitch on 14ct vinylweave for a seasonal fridge magnet.